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T-Plus™ Battery Service keeps your material lift batteries lasting longer

You expect a lot from your electric lifts but the last thing anyone expects is a dead battery. Our T-PlusTM service helps keep your equipment batteries operating at peak performance so that they last longer, reducing the replacement rate and keeping your lift fleet more productive.

T-Plus™ Battery Rental

The major factors effecting life of a battery are Discharge, Recharge Rate, Heat management and maintenance. It's a LOT to keep track and missteps can significantly shorten the life of your batteries, shortening your work day as well. Our T-Plus™ battery full maintenance and rental program will provide you with a a New Desert Hog battery, quarterly watering, quarterly Preventive Maintenance, quarterly on-site de-sulphation, battery cleaning, all repairs including customer damage, and immediate replacement for issues that are not sameday rectified. At three years, we replace your battery with a new one so that you maintain the best performance possible.

Our other services include:

Battery Reconditioning

Includes pickup and delivery of battery, VVR charge cycle, de-sulphation cycle, acid adjustment, battery wash, paint, load test.
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Battery Preventive Maintenance

Includes voltage and specific gravity check of each cell. Battery de-sulphation with our Mini Medic. Acid neutralizing and cleaning. Battery water top off. Plus, we'll give you a quote for any additional recommended repairs.

Charger Preventive Maintenance

Includes voltage and amperage output check. Voltage and amperage output adjustment. Blow out cleaning of charger.

Watering Service

includes installation and use of watering system.

Battery De-sulphation

Includes de-sulphation, battery cycling charge discharge, and load test all performed with Batt Medic. Service takes approximately 24 hours to perform.

Battery Installation

Includes delivery and installation of new battery. Battery compartment cleaning. Removal of scrap battery.

Cable Replacement

Includes new cable, new SB connector with tips, removal of bad cable, and welding in of new cable acid neutralizing and wipe down.

SB Connector Replacement

Includes removal of bad sb connector, removal of bad tips, installation of new SB connector with tips, acid neutralizing and wipe down.

Battery Cell Replacement

Includes 80% reconditioned cell, removal/disposal of bad cell, installation of recon cell, acid neutralizing and wipe down.

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