T 144 H


Basic and economic handler that is very effective to handle loads with forks, buckets, clamps, etc. in very tight areas and a single machine which carries out a maximum range of tasks.

  • 3,000 lb load capacity
  • 13 ft 1 in lifting height
  • 4 ft 8 in overall width
  • 9 ft 9 in turning radius
  • 10.6 mph maximum speed
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  • Reduced width to maneuver in inaccessible areas
  • High versatility for handling loads
  • Ergonomic driving seat for comfortable working
  • Increased safety through all around visibility
  • Chassis ground clearance and 4WD improves rough terrain operation
  • 2/4WD transmission and hydrostatic technology improves maneuverability
  • Maximum stability and load capacity through rear counterweight
  • Safe to exchange attachments
  • Low height and narrow weidth provide accessibility to tight zones with limited height


  • Bucket with quick mechanical coupling
  • Tilting carriage for a quick change of forks for the bucket
  • Fork positioner
  • Fork frame plate with different widths
  • Bale clamps
  • Rotating carriages
  • Double pallet handler
  • Load stabilizer


  • Closed sound proof cabin with heater
  • Air conditioning
  • Homologate lighting system
  • Front windscreen protection grille
  • Stereo radio/CD equipment
  • Great comfort seat with total regulation
  • Towing hitch

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