The Order Picker has 390 in. maximum fork height and a 3,000 lb. lift capacity which allows it to rise to any order picking occasion.


Safety and Comfort

The 8-Series Order Picker is fitted with safety and comfort features to provide operators with confidence and ease of mind. With a flush mounted pedal, the Operator Presence Sensing System (OPSS) senses where the operator is at. The OPSS will hault the movement of the Order Picker when the operator is not properly positioned and may be at risk. The operator can then safely reach the highest stored products using the Order Picker's cushioned mast stops, cushioned mast staging, and spring platform suspension system. 

The AC Drive and Lift motors provide smoother operations with increased energy efficiency. Driving is more comfortable and safer than ever with a spring applied/ electric release parking brake, full body harness and energy absorbing tether, and hydraulic mast lowering deceleration. The low 7.75" step height make entry and exit easy, especially for those coming and going regularly. A bubble cushioned floor mat makes standing for long periods more comfortable and helps prevent slipping.



The 8-Series Order Picker is as precise as they come. At start up, the drive tire centers itself, helping operators acoud bumping into racking upon initially accelerating. Additionally, operators can adjust lifting/loweing speeds, so they can effortlessly stop the forks' altitude at the precise altitude.


Lift Logic, an optional add-on, further enhances safety without compromising productivity by limiting travel speed at various lift heights, eliminating potential tip-overs. The configurable wire and double rail guidance system automatically detects racking and allows operators to abandon steering and instead focus more on travel and lifting. Additionally, end-of-aisle slowdown is an added safety measure to prevent unwanted collisions. Even in extremely narrow aisles, the 8-Series Order Picker will rise to the challenge.


Whether you're in distribution, the food industry, retail, manufacturing, or just needing to reach tall racking, the 8-Series Order Picker is the perfect choice to access your hard to reach goods. Learn more about this product here or give us a call today!

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