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Tora-Max Electric Pallet Jack Sales Event

Specials / 04/01/20

For a limited time, purchase a Tora-Max Electric Pallet Jack for $2,299! Expires 4/30/20!

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Toyota Electric Pallet Jack Sales Event

Specials / 04/01/20

For a limited time, purchase a Toyota Electric Pallet Jack for $3,999! Expires 4/30/20.

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Trade Up To Toyota Rebate

Specials / 01/01/20

Trade in your non-Toyota forklift or electric pallet jack for a factory rebate when you purchase a Toyota! Expires 4/30/20.

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4 Months, No Payments

Specials / 04/01/19

Need to lease your equipment now, but want to pay later? Defer your first 4 months of payment to the end of your term!

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Forklift Batteries: Lead Acid vs. Lithium Iron Phosphate

Tips & Solutions / 12/07/17

If you have been in the market for a new forklift, you may have heard the term "lithium ion" floating around in regards to battery options. But what is a lithium ion battery?

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How Long Will it Really Take to Get My New Forklift?

Tips & Solutions / 10/31/17

Now that you've narrowed it down, you are ready to purchase, but how long will it actually take to get that forklift into your warehouse and ready to do some heavy lifting?

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6 Tips for Rack Safety

Tips & Solutions / 10/06/17

Almost every warehouse will experience some level of damage, so it is important to take some preventative measures.

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Warehouse Solutions: Skatewheel Carton Flow

Tips & Solutions / 09/27/17

One type of carton flow that you may find helpful is the skatewheel carton flow. It blends the concepts of both full width roller and wheel track into a fixed width bed of skatewheel.

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Rollin' and Flowin': How the Full Width Roller Could Be For You!

Tips & Solutions / 09/08/17

The Full Width Roller is a great option in FIFO operations and can be modified to strike a balance between cost and functionality.

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Wheel Track Carton Flow: Improves or Reduces Product Flow?

Tips & Solutions / 08/29/17

Wheel tracks are easily adjustable and can integrate many types of accessories, however they also feature some hang ups that may affect product flow.

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