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AUSA Forklift Carrying Wood
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When you need to carry, lift, and/or stack loads heavier and higher than your tractor can handle, look no further than the AUSA line of forklifts. Starting as narrow as 4.25', they can easily work in the rows during harvest. With over 8" of ground clearance and available 4-wheel drive, they can tackle mud, snow and more with ease.

In addition to being feature packed, the AUSA forklift line is capable of accepting a wide array of forklift attachments, including rotators, barrel clamps or a bale spear. These forktrucks will become a year-round asset to your operations!

AUSA Forklifts

  • Capacities up to 11,000lbs
  • Available 4x4
  • Compact Footprint
  • Available enclosed cabin w/Climate controls
  • Accepts standard forklift attachments
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AUSA Forklift Carrying Tree
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AUSA Forklift Lifting Fruit
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