AUSA Dumper



Go the distance with the Dumper Range from AUSA

AUSA Dumper through the mud
The all time 4-wheel drive keeps you moving in the toughest places

When you need to get a loose load from point A to B safely, over uneven terrain, you need a Dumper from AUSA. Equipped with 4-wheel drive, they can travel over most rough terrain. The smallest of the line mean a little over 3ft wide, suited for nurseries or small scale farms, while the largest can carry 22,000lbs!

The AUSA dumper adds new dimensions with an innovative rotating dump skip, allowing to you place the load exactly where you need it. Easy to use and highly capable, the AUSA Dumper range can really carry it's weight.

AUSA Dumpers

  • 4-wheel drive
  • Rotating load skip
  • All-in-one joystick
  • Highly manuverable
  • Hill hold transmission brake
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AUSA Dumper lifting up
Dump over obstacles
AUSA Dumper lifting sideways
The rotating skip lets you dump laterally