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Used Excavators for Sale in Portland, Seattle and Tacoma

Finding a great price on a well-maintained, high quality used excavator in Seattle, Beaverton, Kent, Portland, Tacoma and throughout Oregon and Washington is easy with Toyota Lift Northwest. When you buy a used excavator from Toyota Lift Northwest you can rest easy knowing that it has been thoroughly inspected by our expert service department, and often times you can find used excavators with warranties as well. If you are looking to purchase a used excavator in Tacoma, Portland, Seattle or anywhere else in the Northwest there are a few main things to consider:

  • Digging Depth - Depth ranges from just a few inches to a few feet.
  • Number of Hours of Operation - the lower the number of hours the more you will typically pay, but it will usually be in better condition.
  • Warranty - good for peace of mind, some used excavators come with warranties while you may be able to purchase a warranty for others.

When purchasing any type of used excavator, whether its a used compact track excavator or a standard one, it is important to look at the equipment in person to ensure that everything is working properly.